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About Fund Raiser
Fund Raiser
Periodically you need to collect money. Whether it's for a birthday or wedding present, for a group purchase, for a charity, and so on, you can easily raise the money you need through the Internet.
The first step is to start your own Fund Raiser, the web page that manages the money collection. You set how much money you need to raise (target amount, e.g. $500), by when (e.g. in 30 days), and why (e.g. Rachel's Birthday).
Once a Fund Raiser is created, it shows some information on how much money collected so far.
The Contributors
You can share the Fund Raiser URL address with your friends and anyone else who might contribute. They will visit the page, and will have the option to directly send you the money.
While people send money, the Fund Raiser page shows how much has been raised so far and how much time is left to receive and contribute.
When the duration has elapsed, money collection ends. The page remains online, but the Send Money button is disabled. This feature encourages people to send the money as soon as possible.
Money Transfer
The money transaction is done through PayPal, which allows secure payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.
PayPal is required to receive money. However, PayPal is not required to send money: a Contributor just needs a credit card or other valid type of PayPal payment. Every money contribution is sent immediately and directly to your PayPal account!
What are you waiting for? Raise the money you need now!